Concrete Polishing Fairfield CT

Level 3: Full Aggregate
Concrete Polished By ECPI

Concrete Polishing helps your Office, Loft-Space, Commercial Space, or Home maintain its non-slip coating, and hold its durability throughout the life of the floor.

Our services add veneer and shine to your floor space, and extends the "like-new" appearance for years. Using our long-established expertise enhances the Longevity, Durability, and Aesthetic Value of your concrete floor - for the long-term. For your concrete-based retail floor polishing needs you will want the highest quality and cost-effective solution.

We are cost-effective, the quality is top notch - explaining why we have been in business for so long. We lead the way and set the standard for retail and residential concrete polishing in New England.

Call us at Eastern Concrete Polishing, Inc.! We are the best because we treat each client as if they were our FIRST client.

Concrete Polishing Fairfield CT




Eastern Concrete Polishing, Inc. provides concrete polishing services for all types of industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. We perform new construction, facility improvement projects, and provide oversight from pour to completion, ensuring each finished project meets the highest standards and expectations.

Our work can be found in schools, museums, hotels, offices, shopping centers and many other commercial spaces. Every space is unique from another, each with a different design concept and flooring function.

Our concrete polishing solutions are also ideal for warehouses, industrial and manufacturing facilities – all kinds of environments where the flooring must meet rigorous demands of sprawling facilities with heavy equipment.

We strive to have the best quality and speed for concrete flooring solutions available in today’s market. We create value which makes our services cost-effective.

Eastern Concrete Polishing specializes in polished concrete services in Hartford, New Haven, New London, Canaan, Westport, Newtown,
Warren, Woodstock, Waterbury, Bridgewater, Stamford, Norwich, Stafford, Burlington, Ridgefield and many more.