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Polished Garage Floors Worcester, Ma.

Polished concrete is increasing in popularity, not only for its clean, sleek, and modern appearance, but for its cost effectiveness, sustainability, durability, availability, and health benefits.

Existing slabs can be ground and polished to create a hard wearing and visually appealing floor. The cost of polished concrete is offset by virtually no maintenance cost.

Concrete floors will not chip or dent like softer surfaces such as wood and are easily maintained by simply mopping with warm soapy water. Polished concrete doesn’t require annual sealing like other overlay and color treatments. With the new state EPA requirements of strict VOC laws the sealers in the industry require reapplication, some as often as bi-annually.

Traditionally, concrete floors have been covered over by a variety of floor coverings, surface coatings and topical sealers otherwise known as “overlayments”. Often, when considering the life-span of the overlayment, this process represents expensive installation, ongoing maintenance and eventual replacement costs, however, in all circumstances the underlying structural concrete remains. Polished concrete eliminates the need for overlayments by converting the actual existing concrete into an economical, durable and low maintenance finished surface; able to withstand the toughest of traffic whilst producing spectacular visual appeal.



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Please be aware that polished concrete floors are a process that polishes what you already have. It does not fix existing problems, it does not make cracks or divots disappear, it does not water proof, and it does not give a perfect surface that some other processes do. It may have small divots and some imperfections or " character" We strive to be the best in our industry, and will do what we can to make floors the best they can be.

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