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What is Polished Concrete?

Boston Polished Concrete

Often times polished concrete is thought of as simply a shiny concrete floor. Floors with finishes or waxes that are burnished to a high gloss were considered being “polished”. To some, any concrete that is chemically hardened and then burnished to a gloss finish is considered polished. When price, not quality and longevity, is the sole determination of product selection there is often a large difference in the application procedures and product selection.

Concrete Polishing Massachusetts

Concrete polishing focuses on grinding in order to provide the best quality floor while maximizing consumed product.  Please CALL US with any questions or to schedule a consultation to discuss your individual needs.

A concrete substrate that is chemically hardened and ground with successively finer diamond abrasives until a smooth, dense and abrasion resistant surface is achieved with no film forming sealers or coatings applied.

Processing concrete to a polish is like sanding wood or buffing your fingernails. A course grit abrasive is used to start the process and progressive finer abrasives are used until the desired appearance is achieved. During this process, a densifier is applied that makes the concrete extremely dense. The process may be done wet or dry.

There are 3 visual facets of Polished Concrete.

Cream Polish- recommended for new or excellent condition floors with very few defects, and no repairs to be done, highly enhances a power troweled finish and the concretes natural color patterns, will reveal some salt and pepper effect.
Salt and Pepper finish- recommended for floors with some small defects and very few repairs, will eliminate trowel marks and reveal the very top of aggregate, giving a salt and pepper look.  there may be some larger aggregate exposed in this process if there are high spots.
Full aggregate grind- recommended for floors that need considerable repair work and are not in great shape.  will reveal aggregate, sizes are random and can range from consistent to non-consistent sizes.

Concrete polishing is the mechanical refinement of the concrete surface to its purest form with diamond abrasives. The result is a beautiful, durable and efficient surface which eliminates the need for carpets or tile that require expensive replacement, maintenance and use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

The natural concrete floor provides long lasting beauty and ease of maintenance with environmental benefits.

Diamond abrasives are used to refine the surface, removing the microscopic peaks and valleys during the process. With the application of a densifier, which reacts within the concrete, this creates a surface with increased reflectivity, wear resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Each diamond tool is designed to not only remove scratches from previous grits, but to completely refine the surface to it’s maximum refinement. This creates reflective clarity and durability without the use of topical coatings and/or sealers.


Densifier is an economical cost effective chemical treatment used to enhance the grinding and polishing process that rapidly produces a harder denser surface that is easily profiled and polished. Ultimately this results in superior durability, exceptional shine retention and reduced floor maintenance costs.

Protective Penetrating Guard

We use a protective penetrating guard on newly polished concrete, concrete toppings and for restoring existing surfaces. This gives surfaces high gloss, increased abrasion and resistance, while lowering maintenance costs. Burnishing the surface using a diamond impregnated pad will create a high gloss finish with excellent wear and properties and extended life.



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Please be aware that polished concrete floors are a process that polishes what you already have. It does not fix existing problems, it does not make cracks or divots disappear, it does not water proof, and it does not give a perfect surface that some other processes do. It may have small divots and some imperfections or " character" We strive to be the best in our industry, and will do what we can to make floors the best they can be.

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